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Bespoke Soaps curated for Modern Day Living and Everyday Rituals

7 Labyrinths Artisan Bath Studio is a small custom design home studio based in beautiful Tampa Bay, Florida.  We specialize in small-batch bespoke soaps for women and men with special attention to ingredients that support environmental integrity, special custom scent blends, and intentional designs with attractive details fitting for modern and lived-in interior design tastes and busy schedules.   Every bespoke soap is created from scratch and focuses on color theory, scent theory, details, design, and scientific process.   7 Labyrinths believes in combining purposeful products to elevate your shower and bath rituals with aesthetic beauty that has a positive impact on people’s lives and the environment.

While many of the products offered here are cold-process body bar soaps, many other types of soaps are created for your shower and bathing ritual needs, depending on time of year, in order to keep product integrity intact during shipping transits.  No two batches of soap ever come out exactly the same, regardless if the same ingredients and processes are used, which is what makes them unique.

The process starts at the computer by looking at what is current in Modern Farmhouse interior design, website design trends, hair stylists and paper stationary trends and brands, which inspirations are then transitioned over to design software like Adobe CC or Canva for soap design mockup.  From there we match the custom scent blends to the “feel” the final product should produce, and then transfer all the information to soap maker software to work on design elements measurements and process flow adjustments.

Stay tuned for further updates to both the 7 Labyrinths website and upcoming products after our house move in December 2021.

My name is Lisa, and I am the sole-creator of 7 Labyrinths Artisan Bath Studio.  The term “we” used on the website here is used very loosely, as my “team” consists of the kind and loving moral supporters within my family and friends system.  Otherwise, I personally wear all of the hats.

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